Rabu, 05 November 2014

How to make a map via google maps

As a PA, I have to obey all instruction from my boss, this morning he asked me to make a map and teach him how to do it. He looks ok and like for the map, You can check with this link : https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=z7uK41okpic0.kdeEEBLpDE3E

So,,,, I will make a tutorial for my easier to teach him about the map.

Here are the simple step to make a map using google maps.

  1. Im using google chrome and login via Gmail accounts, dunno if wth others account can be use or not then Open www.googlemaps.com the screen will be open like this :
  2. Click on “my map” and the screen will be appear like this :

  3. Click pencil icon (create)
  4. Enter your address you’re looking for on the search engine.

  5. For example I will search my pass address on Jl. Cideng Barat no 21, so the screen will looks like this.
     if the address are correct then click “add to map” the icon from green will changed to be red.
  6. If you have another address to search repeat instruction from number 4 till you got the address on your list empty.
  7. Usually I will mark every address in different colors to make eye friendly to read the map. By clicking on the address and click the icon for paint and you can choose every color you like, too bad not many colors provide but think it’s enough. And you can change the style for your mark by clicking style, there’s few options provide by google.

  8. If all completed done click “share” and write down the “map title” and “description”
  9. To complete for share follow the instruction you can choose facebook, Gmail, google+ or twitter and don’t forget to read the condition. 

Very simple right….. hope this article can help.

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